Mayor Charlie Wyatt

Mission Statement


It is the mission of the Boonville Fire Department to protect the lives and property of all those that we serve; and prevent the loss of life and reduce the loss of property by responding to medical emergencies, fires, hazardous material incidents, rescue emergencies, natural and man-made disasters and any other incident or emergency where our services are requested. Boonville Fire Department will provide highly trained, professional and proactive service to all residents, visitors and businesses in our community by conducting fire suppression, medical services, rescue response, fire prevention, fire and life safety education, fire investigations and other emergency and non-emergency activities in the community. We will strive to use all of our resources effectively and efficiently and serve as role models in our community to promote public safety and leadership as an all-hazards life safety response provider. We will always provide the highest level of professional service possible to our citizens and community.

Engine_1_truck_dedicationORGANIZATIONAL VALUES 
DEDICATION: We are devoted to those we serve and each other
EXCELLENCE: We strive to provide the highest quality in everything we do
HONOR: We take pride in the opportunity to serve
INTEGRITY: We value the trust of others
RESPECT: We treat our citizens and each other with respect
SAFETY: Safety is primary in everything we do