Mayor Charlie Wyatt


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The Boonville Fire Department Investigation Division is responsible for determining the cause and origin of any fire, or explosion that they are requested to investigate in the City of Boonville and Boon Township. Boonville Fire Department currently has four Fire Investigators to work these cases.

The goal of the Investigation Division is to recognize, identify, and report any faulty consumer product or appliance if it was determined to be the cause of a fire; and to identify and report the crime of arson.

The Investigation Division has the final determination as to the cause of a fire that they investigate. If the Investigator determines that the crime of arson has been committed, they work closely with Local, State and Federal police agencies to investigate the crime.  

Investigators may spend several hours or days investigating complex incidents. They may be involved in witness and suspect interviews and may be called upon to testify in court as an expert witness on some cases.

In addition to working with police agencies, Investigators may also work with other local investigators or insurance investigators throughout the duration of an investigation.
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