Mayor Charlie Wyatt


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The Boonville Fire Department Fire Prevention/Public Education Division is committed to improving the safety of the community through education. It is responsible for educating the public concerning the dangers presented by fire, fire hazards and the proper procedures to follow when dealing with a fire and other emergencies.

We provide Fire Safety education throughout the year to schools, day cares, businesses, senior citizen groups, church groups, nursing homes and many other community organizations. Every year we provide age-specific training to hundreds of school aged children, seniors, employees and business owners. We receive great support from  local businesses and business owners, School Teachers, Principals and other members in the community for our Fire Prevention Programs. Because of their support, our Fire Prevention Program has been very successful in presenting exceptional Fire and Life Safety education and materials throughout the community.

Mobile_Safdty_Trailer_at_NNO_2014__2_MOBILE FIRE SAFETY TRAILER:                          
An excellent tool that we use for Public Education is the Mobile Fire Safety Trailer. By using the trailer, we are able to teach young  visitors and their families about the dangers of fire and how to survive a fire. The trailer is equipped with a multi-media area  to show safety videos, heated doors, a kitchen, a hallway, and a bedroom. We are able to teach visitors about cooking safety, smoke detectors, home escape plans, feeling doors for heat  before opening them and other life saving techniques to make it out of a fire safely. At the end of the program, we can fill the trailer with artificial smoke and give the children and their parents a chance to use the valuable skills that they were taught to escape the trailer in zero visibility conditions. The program also helps to familiarize the children with firefighters and their gear. This is to keep them from being frightened during an emergency and know that it is ok to come to us for help. You can see the trailer throughout the year at local schools and public events.