Mayor Charlie Wyatt


The Fire Prevention/Inspection Division of Boonville Fire Department provides inspection services for commercial and industrial businesses within the community. The Fire Inspector provides information and training to business owners and employees, regarding Fire Prevention, Life Safety, State and Local fire codes, building plan reviews and other Fire and Life Safety information.

The Fire Inspector schedules inspection visits to local businesses throughout the year and works with the business owners to correct Fire and Life Safety code violations. In addition to inspecting existing businesses, the Fire Inspector is responsible for meeting with business owners and contractors to review building plans for new structures. During the review phase, all Fire and Life Safety codes are addressed, including sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, emergency exits, fire department access, electrical concerns and other critical issues that help keep the community safe.

Throughout the building process, the Fire Inspector remains in close contact with the business owner and contractors to ensure that all Fire and Life Safety codes are being adhered to. The Fire Inspector will conduct inspections at different times throughout the construction process to ensure that the contractors are following all recognized and adopted codes and standards.

After the building construction is complete and before the new structures can be occupied, it is required that the Boonville Fire Department Inspector complete a full building inspection, to make sure that all State and Local Fire and Life Safety codes were followed. Boonville Fire Department Fire Inspectors enforce the National Fire Protection Association Standards, Indiana Fire and Building Codes, Local Ordinances and any other codes or standards that have been adopted by the State of Indiana.

The Inspector will also provide information to the business about the required Fire and Life Safety training that employees must complete yearly, such as fire extinguisher training. The Inspector will assist the business in scheduling and providing the required training if needed.

In addition to providing yearly and new construction inspections, the Inspectors are also responsible for completing Fire and Life Safety inspections for any large public event, such as the annual 4-H fair.

It is the goal of the Boonville Fire Department Inspection Division to promote Fire and Life Safety in the community. We are committed to ensure the safety of every citizen, visitor, business and employee that live, work, or visit Boonville.