Mayor Charlie Wyatt


The Boonville Fire Department Dive Team consists of 8 firefighters who are trained to perform surface and underwater rescues and recoveries. All divers are equipped with their own dive equipment that is sized to the individual. All firefighters support the dive team as dive tenders and boat operators.

The dive team uses full face mask (Aga's), along with DUI dry suits to protect them from cold or contaminated water while performing a dive operation. The full face mask system is equipped with communication capabilities, so the divers can communicate with each other under water and can also communicate with their line tenders and other dive support personnel that are assisting the divers on land.

Boonville Fire Department responds to provide water/dive rescue services to  areas of Warrick County, assisting other local department's and police  agencies, including DNR and Conservation Officers.

The BFD Dive Team is also called upon to provide water rescue services for special events that are held in the community. These include the YMCA Triathlon and the Special Olympics Polar Plunge; both of which are held at Scales Lake Park annually. 

Boonville Fire Department Divers must complete several dives and training yearly to stay proficient with their skills and equipment. Most dives completed are in water with zero visibility, so it is critical that the firefighters are familiar with their equipment.