Mayor Charlie Wyatt


The Administrative Office of the Boonville Fire Department consists of the Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief. The Chief and Assistant Chief are responsible for the administration of the Boonville Fire Department's daily operations. These duties include the resource needs of the department, work assignments, maintaining  personnel and training records, firefighter promotions, hiring process, yearly budgeting, planning and purchasing of equipment and apparatus, maintenance scheduling for apparatus and equipment, among other administrative duties as they arise. 

The Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief work closely with the City of Boonville Administration and the Boon Township Administration, including the Mayor, Board of Public Works and Safety, City Council, Boon Township Trustee, Fire Territory Board and Clerk Treasurer's Office to determine the fire protection needs of the Community. Meetings are conducted on a regular basis to approve funding for equipment purchases, maintenance of equipment and apparatus, fire protection resource needs and other administrative issues.

The Chief and Assistant Chief are also responsible for working with the Fire Department Personnel, City Administration and Township Administration to develop Standard Operating Procedures and Departmental Policies concerning emergency response and firefighter health and safety.

The Boonville Fire Department Administration Office works closely with the firefighters and instructors to determine, schedule and administer training for Fire Department Personnel.

The Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief are also responsible for responding to major or complex emergencies, including responding from off-duty status to operate as Incident Command on the scene of the incident.