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In 1980 Tom Prior appointed Lloyd Whittaker as Police Chief who started the first ever-filing system for incident reports using case numbers.

In March of 1996, The Boonville Police Department received its first ever K-9, “Albin”, a drug detection dog.  Albin worked the streets of Boonville until his retirement in 2000.

In March of 1997, during the term of Mayor Pam Hendrickson, The Boonville Police Department made a major move from the basement of Boonville City Hall, to the old Public Library at the intersection of Locust and 4th Streets.   In June of 2004, The Boonville Police Department implemented its first School Resource Officer. 

Currently the Boonville Police Department is staffed by 14 full-time , 2 part-time police officers, and one administrative assistant and police chaplain. See Roll Call for a list of the current staff.

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Thanks go out to Mrs. Barbara Brown Meyer who compiled portions of the above information.
More history will be added when located. If you have or know anything about the departments history, contact Chief Daryl Saltzman during office hours.