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Ben Alexander served as a Boonville Police Officer from January 1934 to July 1956. Alexander was a dedicated, no-nonsense police officer.  He “walked the beat” every evening as night patrolman and personally checked all the businesses around the Boonville Square on foot.  He is best remembered for his practice of kicking the front bumpers of cars parked around the square after the new parking meters were installed, then staring the driver sternly in the eye if his meter was empty.  

As the only night patrolman on duty in Boonville for several years, Alexander had his hands full keeping up with the kids who sneaked into the local movie theaters through the back door, climbed through the fence at the old Boonville Fairgrounds, “skinny-dipped” after dark in the City Lake and climbed up the old water tower to paint their names. 

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1950’s Group Picture: 
Photo taken during term of Mayor Onis G. Rudolph. 1948-1955
Front Row left to right:  Otis Bracher, Alfred Hall, (unidentified), Ed Anderson, 
Guy Hoover; Middle Row: Kenneth Weyerbacher, Mayor Rudolph, Ethel Barclay; 
Back Row: Joe Moranz, Levi Broshears, (Unidentified), Don Wilder, Robert McConnell, 
Ben Alexander, Jim Persinger, and Wilson Robertson.  
Other individuals who worked as Full-Time police officers during this time were: 
Robert Tuley and Paul French.